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Innovation September 2005, this tweeter is equipped with a dome of 25 mm of titanium covered with gold, this in order to obtain the most rigid and light dome possible. Thanks to a specific treatment of the dome, we kept all the qualities brought by titanium (impulse response, linearity, efficiency) and removed any metal aggressiveness in the top of the spectrum. It is been driven by a powerful neodymium magnet which enables him to reach 98 dB of output.

This tweeter will surprise you by his natural reproduction, its softness, its precision and its high efficiency.

The TG1 is available in version 4 ohms (TG1/4) or 8 ohms (TG1/8).

Would the TG1 be the best tweeter in the market currently ?

Here is what Polymer Audio Research thinks :

The tweeter selected for the Polymer Logic is the French Supravox TG1. In extensive listening tests against well known flagship tweeters it outperformed the Dynaudio Esotar, Scan Speak Revelator, Seas Crescendo, Focal Audiom, and several state-of-the-art ribbon tweeters.

The TG1 is a special design that uses a titanium dome covered in a pure layer of solid gold and has very interesting horizontal and vertical dispersion characteristics.

The TG1 has amazing detail retrieval that is possible only from the best titanium domes but with softness, smoothness, and silkiness that outperforms the best soft dome designs.

Particularly impressive is the sense of spaciousness, ambiance, and layers of air – very much like the way high frequencies sound in a live performance.

We believe that the Supravox TG1 is quite possibly the best high frequency transducer in the world and couples seamlessly to the pure diamond cone midrange.


Here is a detailled report of one of our customers :

From : Frédéric G. (09/2009)

For my part, I am really happy with your TG1 which are frankly excellent!
I was lucky to have some very good tweeters since the time that I "amuse myself" in the Hi-Fi...but this time I think that they are in my home for a long time:-))

- Focal tweeters ,about all (kevlar, glass fiber, titanium) without to have tested at home bérylliums tweeters that a friend has and I find more aggressive and monocorde that the TG1 (we have the same amplifier )

- Audax tweeters...I would retain the TW034 (improved, decompressed, etc..which were very good but which did not slip by high enough and rather directing.

- Fostex ft 66h,ft 17h that I still have but they are coloured and tiring with long listening.

- A titanium Visaton which have nothing comparable.

- Some small "ribbons"Fostex and Visaton, sympas.

- Heil AMT V2 that I always have but if they are also dynamic and transparencies seem to me more monocordes and less open in spite of they works out in dipole and and especially too directing vertically.

- one pair of Aurum Cantus G1 (large ribbons 100 db/w/m), I directly compared the G1 with the TG1, and if the ribbons are as fine at the returned level as TG1, I think that their transformers degrade sound qualities:

These ribbons are less varied, duller, very directing vertically (15cm) and they don't have this I don't know what which makes your loudspeakers so tempting and resting to listen ...

Then I can tell you that they are well placed on the level prices compared with certain references…! even if we would like to have a lower price ;-)

what I appreciate on the TG1:

- the detailed listening, with precision , varied and dynamic with an excellent damping that prevents that all go to with bad vibration when there is fortissimo... it's "super" to have the quality of the titanium and the textile domes in addition to the high efficiency!

- very high efficiency for a dome with direct radiation.

- far from directing… point source, high degree of accuracy of the stereo image.

- reduced size

- "super" finition

The less.

- ???

- the price ,but when it is justified by the result....

Again my congratulations for the work which completes by the Supravox's team.


Mesurement curves
TG1 Specifications

Bande passante

2500 à 20 kHz +/- 1.5 dB

Efficiency (TG1/4)
98 dB/W à 1m
Efficiency (TG1/8)

97 dB/W à 1m


4 et 8 ohms

Re DC ( TG1/4)
3.9 ohms
Re DC ( TG1/8)
6.1 ohms
Power max. RMS
50 W
Resonance frequency

1200 Hz


110 mm

Fixing diameter

100 mm

Front face thickness

5 mm


40 mm

0.5 kg