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1 inch horn
for 1 inch driver
Le first SUPRAVOX horn

Fruit of the compilation of old knowledge of the beginning of the century and the knowledge of SUPRAVOX as regards full range, the specific progression of this horn was born in 1996.

Usable in hi-fi or sound system its qualities are multiple. Its answer is very linear, +/- 1.5 dB of 500 Hz until the limiting frequencies of the driver with compression 1 inch with which it will be coupled. In other words, it does not require any tweeter of reinforcement for the high frequencies. Listening gets a rather unusual feeling of speed and precision of reproduction.

These dimension rather reduced however enable him to be used in Hi-fi until 500Hz, all the band medium-high thus benefits from same qualities of restitution.

In sonorisation for sound with power it is advised to adopt a cut-off frequency to the top at 1500Hz. This horn could be associated in two ways with one 285 or one 400 SUPRAVOX. For the music lovers we advise a filter 6 dB/oct with 500Hz.

With his
weight, its directivity and its efficiency, it can be used in sound system of power. The cut-off frequency then advised is 1500 Hz with a 18 filter or 24 dB/oct.

Measurements have been made with a B&C Speakers DE250.

Mesurements curves
1 inch horn Specifications

throat diameter

25.4 mm = 1"

Cutoff frequency

500 Hz

Linearity ( 500 to 20000 Hz )

± 1.5 dB

Horizontal dispersion


Vertical dispersion



Epoxy resin


Black or white

0.8 kg

Width mouth

410 mm

Height mouth

213 mm

Lenght (without driver)

286 mm