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Bass drive unit.
This low register driver unit of high efficiency (96 dB) offers a low register quick, deep and very pleasant to listening. Its exponential cone ensures you a broad band-width with a natural cut at 4000 Hz without accidents in run-out. Its engine made up of a ring of 3.5 kg of Alnico makes it possible to obtain the field necessary to reach a such efficiency.

These qualities enable him to be directly coupled with an 1 inch horn. Iin a bassreflex box or jensen, crossed with 500Hz, the response curve will be right with ± 2 dB from 40 Hz until the final frequency of engine 1 inch.

Mesurements curves
400-2000 Specifications

Efficiency 1 W/1m at Fs

96 dB Fs 23 Hz
Frequency response 8 ohms Re 6.5 ohms
Impedance 24 à 4kHz Qts 0.27

Power max. RMS

120 W Qe 0.28
Weight 10.7 kg Qm 9
Suspension Toile Vas 450
Linear excursion 10 mm Bl 14.5

Magnet diameter

3.5 kg Cms
Magnetic field 1.6 T Mms 70 g

Diameter HP

404 mm Sd
855 cm²

Frame thickness

Alu 10mm    
Diameter fixation holes 382 mm    

Diameter drilling enclosure

358 mm    

Depth HP

215 mm